Quick Sex


The sex essence, impulsive desire, passionate sex, when both of you are so horny and want it now. Many of us choose to bring books and publications to their bedrooms and make a kind of sex seminar instead of just having enjoyment and delighting in.

Quickie does not indicate bad sex, or not quality sex. It is simply the variation of it and making love in a prohibited place or scenario might really make both or you better, improve your relationships. It is like sharing with your partner something nobody else can share and developing a tighter intimate connection between the two of you. It is like having a secret no one however you two will ever understand. And all these make this experience interesting.

Additional dose of adrenaline is included by the thought of being discovered while having quickie in a public location. A single thought of having sex at a celebration, at a restaurant’s toilet, at the office, at the stares, at a public park can be extremely exciting and promoting. The naughtiness of the situation will wind up both of you and cause a passionate and tasty sex, which can be far better than the typical sexual intercourse you have in your beds.

What about the foreplay, the value of which was gone over and highlighted in numerous posts and books on sexology? Avoid it, the adrenaline in your blood will compensate for any foreplay.

Quickie sex is also about experimenting. Simply picture what uncomfortable and exotic position you will need to create while making love in, let us say, not amazingly comfortable position. It is a good chance to use your sex creativity and sex dreams in genuine. Besides, the view of your partly dressed partner is hot. Picture your lover held against the wall, or bend over the stares with her breasts outside the bra, her knickers around her knees, it can quickly be a sensual dream not least.

What holds you back from having quickies? Some people think that by showing their partner that they want a quick sex they upset them in some way. But, if you are horny and starving for your partner, desiring a quick sex will just ensure your partner that you still expensive him/her.

The most amazing thing about quickie is freedom in whatever. There is no ideal location or time for quickie. It is just as much as you and your creativity not any situations. Any situation does not matter if you want it now, and if you want it terribly. No doubt you will find both location and time, as there is variety to pick in between. Browse how many options you have: workplace table, garden hedge, even toilet will do if you are desperate. Keep your sensations fresh and experiment with them. Take pleasure in, just try not to injure the esthetic feelings of reluctant witnesses.


The sex essence, spontaneous desire, passionate sex, when both of you are so horny and want it now. Quickie does not imply bad sex, or not quality sex. Quickie sex is likewise about experimenting. It is a good possibility to apply your sex creativeness and sex dreams in genuine. In fact, if you are randy and starving for your partner, wanting a quick sex will just assure your partner that you still fancy him/her.


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